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  • 《新英语900句生活篇》听力音频打包下载(音频+文本)2019-06-15
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson29:Boredom无聊2010-06-26
    Holidays with my relatives tend to be boring.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson60:Success成功经验2010-06-25
    I feel really flattered that out of all the students I was picked.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson59:Failure失败的经验2010-06-25
    At least you learned a valuable lesson about not getting in over your head.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson58:Peaceful experiences宁静的经验2010-06-24
    This street is so much more peaceful than the rest of the city.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson57:Miserable experiences悲惨的经验2010-06-24
    My drinking got so bad that I lost my job because I got caught drinking while at work.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson56:Confusing experiences困惑的经验2010-06-23
    We were all eating in a restaurant when I got up to use the bathroom right before we were about to leave.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson55:Lonely Experiences孤寂的经验2010-06-23
    Billy hasn’t made any friends at his new school.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson54:Brave Experiences奋勇的经验2010-06-22
    He jumped into the river to save that boy from drowning.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson53:Exciting Experiences好人激动不已的经验2010-06-22
    Walking across the street in China can be very exciting.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson52:Adventurous Experiences冒险的经验2010-06-21
    She was trapped on a mountain in Tibet for almost a day.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson51:Foolish Experiences愚蠢的经验2010-06-21
    I found out that I wasn’t as smart as I thought.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson50:Cyber-Love Experiences网恋2010-06-20
    Dating on-line is a good way for shy people to meet other people.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson49:Horrible Experiences可怕的经验2010-06-20
    After the crash, the doctors had to pick out glass from my leg.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson48:Romantic Experiences浪漫之经验2010-06-19
    A moonlight strollw on the beach sounds like a great way to end the evening.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson47:Mysterious Experiences地下的经验2010-06-19
    Truthfully, there have been some unexplained occurrences around the house.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson46:Dangerous Experiences危险的经验2010-06-18
    Mountain climbing is exciting because it can be dangerous.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson45:Embarrassing Experiences难堪的经验2010-06-18
    Halfway through my speech, I forgot the rest of what I wanted to say.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson43:Memorablw People 值得回忆的人口2010-06-17
    This autographv is worth a lot because he’s such a memorable figure in baseball and African-American history.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson44:Ecstatic Experiences好人高高兴兴的经验2010-06-17
    You’ll probably feel differently when some of the excitement has passed.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson42:Sweet Memories光明的回顾2010-06-16
    Fresh grass always reminds me of childhood summers.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson41:Unforgetable Experiences牢记的经验2010-06-16
    The one thing that I will never forget is swimming with the dolphins.
    新英语900句的生活篇 Lesson39:Jealousy嫉妒2010-06-13
    I just don’t like the idea of you s