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  • 放生故事的二十:鸟儿举行的奠基礼2012-12-09
    The neighbors were deeply touched when they saw this. From then on, they never caught another animal in a trap or a net.
    Before long, the story spread all over China, and everyone knew about the brother who ants boosted to first place.
    He did many more good deeds, and died peacefully many years later without any suffering at the age of one hundred twenty years old.
    Xu was terribly sorry about what he had done. Right away, he broke his bow across his knee and threw his arrows into the stream. He left his home and went deep into the mountains to find a Teacher. He worked hard for many years and finally became a great Taoist.
    Once there was a novice monk who studied Buddhism with a very wise Teacher. He was a very good student. He was respectful, sincere, and obedient. He learned very quickly.
    But the funny thing is that from then on, whenever he treated a patient, no matter how serious the patient's illness was, the patient was cured immediately. In this way, Sun saved many, many suffering people.
    The Emperor told the court, Those who do good will reap good rewards. The Lord K'ung is an excellent example.
    When he returned to his capital ahead of schedule, all the people there found out that the King had been moved by an ape's tears.
    Xiao Zhen did grow up to win a very high post in the imperial government, and he lived to be more than ninety years old.
    When the boy's mother remembered all this, she said, Saving the life of another is the same as saving your own life.
    As the day turned into night, he and his sons cheerfully led the twenty elephants back to the royal stables and went to tell their king the good news.
    Yang Pao's sons, grandsons, great-grandsons and great- grandsons were as spotless as pure jade. For four generations, his descendants all held posts in the top ranks of the government.
    Before long, everyone knew that the Buddha had cut away his own arm in order to save a dove.
    When Mrs. Yu heard about this, she said, "We almost took ten lives by accident!'' Right away, she had the eels taken to the lake and released.
    From a run-down old storefront came a hair-raising shriek followed by the sound of a body falling to the ground.
    放生故事的二: 仲春呻吟2012-11-30
    After three months of pain, Cao finally died. All