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    《高中nba在线下注网站北师大版PART 4》听力音频打包下载(音频+文本)2019-06-15
    《高中nba在线下注网站北师大版PART 6》听力音频打包下载(音频+文本)2019-06-15
    《高中nba在线下注网站北师大版PART 5》听力音频打包下载(音频+文本)2019-06-15
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les1-12013-02-13
    [00:00.00]Unit 1 Lifestyles[00:04.30]Lesson 1 A perfect Day?[00:07.36]A Couch Potato[00:09.45]When I wake up I dont get up immediately.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les1-22013-02-13
    [00:00.00]I never watch the TV all night.[00:03.08]I watch TV for sixteen or seventeen hours a day[00:07.05]I also do some exercise every day.[00:09.82]I take Tina,the dog.for a walk every afternoon.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les1-32013-02-12
    [00:00.00]Heres the remote control.[00:02.30]Youve got the world at your feet.[00:04.03]And in your hand.Great!
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les4-12013-02-12
    [00:00.00]Unit1 Lifestyles[00:05.54]Lesson 4 City and Country[00:08.76]Debbie is an accountant in a large company[00:11.64]in the center of London.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les4-22013-02-11
    [00:00.00]I go to the cinema almost every weekend.[00:04.23]My friends call me a Movie fanatic.[00:06.97]Sometimes if the weather forecast is good.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 1 Lifestyles Les4-32013-02-11
    [00:00.00]In the evening,I like to play with my children.[00:03.52]I have two children,a boy and a girl.[00:06.55]They are six and eight years old.[00:08.76]I also like to study.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les1-12013-02-10
    [00:00.00]Unit 2 Heroes[00:06.38]Lesson 1 Modern Heroes[00:09.60]National Hero[00:11.53]Chinas first manned spaceship lifted off[00:14.08]at 9 a.m.on Wednesday,[00:15.90]October 15th,2003 in Jiuquan,Gansu province.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les1-22013-02-10
    [00:00.00]When the spaceship was doing its seventh circle[00:03.54]Yang Liwei showed the flags of China[00:05.67]and the United Nations,[00:07.43]expressing the wishes of the Chinese people[00:09.64]to explore and use space peacefully.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les3-12013-02-09
    [00:00.00]Unit 2 Heroes[00:05.40]Lesson 3 Sprots Stars[00:08.83]VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS are sisters.[00:12.15]They are also both tennis champions[00:14.71]who often have to play each other!
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les3-22013-02-09
    [00:00.00]Today,both sisters are studying design[00:03.28]at college.[00:04.64]They have already expressed a keen interest[00:06.77]in working in design[00:08.25]after their tennis careers come to an end.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les4-12013-02-08
    [00:00.00]Unit 2 Heroes[00:04.76]Lesson 4 Superhero[00:07.72]Christopher Reeve was a successful actor,[00:10.39]famous for the superman films.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 2 Heroes Les4-22013-02-08
    [00:00.00]Did you think that your marriage was so strong?[00:03.63]Yes,because Danas so wonderful.[00:06.30]We have always got on really well.[00:08.62]Our relationship has always been fantastic.[00:11.68]How did your parents react to the accident?
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 3 Celebration Les1-12013-02-07
    [00:10.47]Autumn[00:11.74]Every year in September or October,[00:14.46]the mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated[00:16.81]by Chinese people all over the world.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 3 Celebration Les1-22013-02-07
    [00:00.00]The story was about a god who wanted[00:02.49]to burn down the town.[00:04.41]He was fooled when he say thousands of lanterns[00:07.37]He thought the town was already burning.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 3 Celebration Les3-12013-02-06
    [00:00.00]Unit3 Celebration[00:05.57]Lesson 3 Weddings[00:08.49]Weddings in Indonesia[00:10.73]If a friend gets an invitation to a wedding,[00:13.42]you can go with him/her,[00:15.40]even if you dont receice[00:16.53]an invitation yourself.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英语录音1:Unit 3 Celebration Les3-22013-02-06
    [00:00.00]Greek weddings[00:02.60]On the day of Greek wedding ceremony,[00:05.11]the bridegroom has to ask the brides father[00:07.55]for his daughters hand in marriage.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 北大高中英