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  • 英文爱情诗:the First Love2010-05-13
    英文爱情诗:the First Love
    英文爱情诗:To Be Loved by Jane2010-05-12
    英文爱情诗:To Be Loved by Jane
    英文爱情诗:When You Love2010-05-12
    英文爱情诗:When You Love
    英文爱情诗:Love likes as a ship,that through the ocean wide2010-05-12
    Love likes as a ship,that through the ocean wide
    爱情诗LOVE POEM——Douglas Dunn2010-05-10
    There is only the swing creaking, that you have just left,Or your favourite book beside the sundial.
    英文爱情诗:Power of the Love2010-05-10
    英文爱情诗:Power of the Love
    英文爱情诗:Love is more than a word2010-05-10
    英文爱情诗:Love is more than a word
    I only want to love you...2010-05-09
    Beside my ear, you give me your promise of life.
    How do I love you?2010-05-09
    How do I love you? Let me count the ways.
    My Love2010-05-09
    At first glance I would have never known the value that lied within you,
    英文爱情诗:the river of life2010-05-06
    英文爱情诗:the river of life
    英文爱情诗:MISTRESS MINE2010-05-06
    英文爱情诗:When You Are Old2010-05-06
    英文爱情诗:When You Are Old
    英文爱情诗:Love 爱情2010-05-05
    I love you not because of who you are,but because of who I am when I am with you.
    Is not when painly cannot resist the yearning
    英文爱情诗:When You Are Old2010-05-05
    When you are and gray and full of sleep And nodding by the fire, take down this book
    英文爱情诗:spring goeth all in white2010-05-04
    英文爱情诗:spring goeth all in white
    英文爱情诗:the daffodils2010-05-04
    英文爱情诗:the daffodils
    英文爱情诗:to daffodils2010-05-04
    英文爱情诗:to daffodils