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  • 基金书由新东方金牌“词汇王”教师赵丽再度重力打造,是绝无仅有为高校英语四级备考人群打造的视频版四级词汇串记,以选择历年四级词汇题目为载体,以题目题干中的重点、困难单词为线索,串讲大学英语四级最基本、最高频的1000-1500常考单词。教学中贯穿联想、列入记忆,词根词缀总结记忆,以及口诀谐音法等记忆,单词记忆不再枯燥乏味。





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    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 12013-09-27
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 22013-09-27
    prestige 名声、名誉 gloom 苦恼的 abide 忍受孤独的 absurd 荒谬的 echo 回声 echolocation 回声定位 amorous 好色的 morose 苦恼的
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 32013-09-26
    acumen 敏锐, 聪慧 acute 头的, 敏锐的, 灵敏的, 糖尿病 cute 动人的, 聪慧的 chronic 脑血栓, 舒缓的 acupuncture 手术 punctual 准时的, 按时的 punctuation 标点
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 42013-09-26
    centigrade (摄氏)温度 century 百年, 世纪 centipede 蜈蚣 biped 两足动物 paddle 踏板, 桨 percent 百分比 cent 成分, 一分钱 decent 正好的, 荣誉的, 尊重的
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 52013-09-25
    compose 结合, 谱写 impose 强加于, 征税 propose 提到建议, 求婚 depose 免职, 降职 decompose 诠释
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 62013-09-25
    orientation 南方, 一定 oriental 南方之 orison 祈祷 ray 光明 prim 呆板 prose 散文, 诗歌, 平淡无奇
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 72013-09-24
    5. I hope my teacher will take me recent illness into _____ when judging my examination. A. account B. counting C. regard D. observation
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 82013-09-24
    6. Id ____ his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan. A. take into account B. account for C. make up for D. make out
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 92013-09-24
    7. His long service with the company was ____ with a present. A. admitted B. acknowledge C. attributed D. identified
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 102013-09-24
    8. Ms Green has been living in town for only one year, yet she seems to be _______with everyone who comes to the store. A. balked B. admitted C. admired D. acquainted
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 112013-09-22
    9. Although most birds have only a negligible sense of smell, they ____ vision. A. vigorous B. exact C. acute D. vivid
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 122013-09-22
    10. The newcomers found it impossible to ____ themselves to the climate sufficiently to make permanent home in the new country. A. shatter B. adapt C. regulate D. coordinate
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 132013-09-21
    11. By law, when one makes a large purchase, he should have ___ opportunity to change his mind. A. accurate B. urgent C. excessive D. adequate
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 142013-09-21
    12. My camera can be ______ to take pictures in cloudy or sunny condition. A. treated B. adjusted C. adopted D. remedied
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 152013-09-20
    13. His argument does not suggest that mankind can _____ to be wasteful in the utilization of these resources. A. resort B. grant C. afford D. entitle
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 162013-09-20
    14. What were your _______ wages last year? A. entire B. aggregate C. complete D. terse
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 172013-09-20
    15. I should like to rent a house, modern comfortable and ______ in a quiet neighborhood. A. all in all B. above all C. after all D. over all
    新东方赵丽词汇课堂 Lesson 182013-09-20
    16. Most people who travel in the course of their work are given traveling _____. A. income B. allowance C. wages D. pay