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  • 本土的浮动 Changes in My Hometown2015-04-23
    My home town is in the center of Xuzhou which was a quiet and beautiful place. In the past, there were many animals. They were lovely and nice. The air was fresh and there were many birds fly in the sky.
    云游 Travel2015-04-22
    27th, September of every year is World Tourism Day. Of course, it is to advocate people to travel often. Nowadays, as peoples living standard improve, the number and frequency of people to travel is also increasing.
    低碳经济从的环境保护Low Carbon Economy Environment Protection2015-04-22
    低碳经济从的环境保护(1) 低碳经济是一番具有大规模社会性的经济腹地理念,最早是在2003年俄政府公布之自然资源白皮书《咱们能源的前程:创办低碳经济》专业提出的.
    节省粮食 Save Food2015-04-21
    As a child, I am so luck. I dont need to worry about food. I always have enough delicious food, live in a big house, and have beautiful clothes to dress. I am so happy that I have no idea to treasure all these things.
    关于关爱老人 On Caring for the Elderly2015-04-21
    As the saying goes, filial piety is the most important in all virtues. To respect the elderly is the Chinese traditional virtue. To respect the elderly is also the progress of human science development.
    压力等于动力吗?Does Pressure Equal Motivation?2015-04-20
    People always believe that when there is pressure, there is motivation, it seems that pressure equals motivation. We need pressure, it makes us keep move on, with pressure, we know what to do and how to fulfill our targets.
    探望小学 Visit to the Primary School2015-04-20
    Yesterday afternoon, my teacher led ten students to a poor primary school in the suburbs. I was one of them. We got there at 3 oclock and they were in class. So we went to the office first.
    学员的母校功课Heavy Schoolwork2015-04-19
    Heavy Schoolwork In my opinion, the schoolwork now being assigned to high school students is too heavy. While it is true that students need to study, they need other things as well if they are to grow into healthy and well-rounded adults.
    棚外租房的我见 My View on Living Off Campus2015-04-19
    It is said that renting a house outside school, instead of living in the dormitory is very popular in university. But, as a high school student, I find that living off school is also very popular in high school.
    高中的柔情 Love in High School2015-04-18
    Love in high school is a very sensitive topic, the students in high school have come to the age of being mature, inside, they desire to love someone, but it is the awkward time.
    作伪产品 Fake Goods2015-04-18
    Fake goods, also known as Shanzhai products, are quite common in China. These products usually have the similar names with the real product, or just exactly the same out-looking with the products.
    一次海边度假 A Seaside Holiday2015-04-17
    On October 6th, 2013, I went Xiao Meisha with my fellows to spend a nice seaside holiday. On our arriving at Xiao Meisha, we were all filled with excitement, since this was our first trip to the seaside.
    忙碌的一角(寒假) A Busy Day(Summer Holiday)2015-04-17
    Now, its the middle of summer vacation, but all my homework are left to be done. Therefore, I have to spend most time in study since now.
    我之宠物狗 My House Dog2015-04-16
    Im a dog lover, because dogs are tame, friendly and easy to communicate with. I have kept one in my house, whose name is Chocolate.
    我最喜欢的讲师My Favorite Teacher2015-04-16
    Seeing my whole education history, I have many teachers. But my favorite teacher is only one. He is Mr Lu. He is my middle Chinese teacher and head teacher. He is about fifty years old.
    国际和平日 International Day of Peace2015-04-15
    I believe everyone is eager for comfortable, peaceful life and hating wars. So the United Stations decide to set up an International Day of peace.
    虚假产品 Fake Commodity2015-04-15
    Consequently, the people who produce fake commodities must be punished severely, and their factories must be closed down. If fake commodities can be banned by law, our life will be better.
    该校生活之一角-One day of school life2015-04-14
    In the morning, we will gather at the plaza and sing the national anthum. After taking the pledge, we will go back to class where lessons will soon began. After a few periods of classes, its recess! Recess is the time when we eat and play
    控制自卑 Overcome Self-abasement2015-04-14
    Everyone is shy when they are young, some people shy because they think they are not good enough, so they are not confident, they will low their heads before others.
    善始者善终。A good beginning makes a good ending.
    我想成为一名记者 I Want to be a Journalist2015-04-13
    I have a dream from childhood. I want to be a journalist when I grow up. A journalist can do a lot of things. I prefer to go out rather than stay beside the desk.
    饭前协议 The Agreement Before Marriage2015-04-12
    In the old China, when the couple gets married, it is naturally committed that the bride will share the bridegrooms fortune, the couples property is owned by each other.
    如何控制玩电脑游戏 How to Control Playing Computer Games2015-04-12
    Nowadays, with the development of computer, the function of computer has developed, too. We can use computer to check the instant news,
    分享的含义The Meaning of Sharing2015-04-11
    I believe when we were little babies, we were taught to learn to share with others. At first, I dont understand. But now I can understand gradually.
    各种各样的电视机节目 The Variety of TV Programs2015-04-11
    As the fast development of television technology, the television programs have been greatly improved.
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