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  • 《外研社新标准高中英语必修4》听力音频打包下载(音频+荧屏+文本)2019-06-15
    该音频有LRC荧屏 外研社新标准高中英语必修4:Model1-22013-04-04
    [00:01.00]Module 1[00:01.56]The Beijing foreign languages audio vision publishing house.[00:25.12]Beijing foreign studies university.[00:45.36]New standard English senior high Book 4.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 外研社新标准高中英语必修4:Model2-32013-04-04
    [03:54.87]1 Listen to the underlined sounds in these sentences.[04:00.44]1 I got stuck again in the traffic.[04:06.78]2 They seemed to know each other.[04:12.61]3 ... and we still couldnt move.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 外研社新标准高中英语必修4:Model4-52013-04-03
    [00:01.00]Module 4 Great Scientists[00:08.00]READING AND VOCABULARY[00:10.40]1 Look at the title of the reading passage below.[00:15.09]Guess what is about.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 外研社新标准高中英语必修4:Model5-72013-04-03
    [03:24.44]The director of a local tourist office,Meng Fanying,[03:29.20]said the monster, which seemed to be black in colour,[03:32.63]was ten metres from the edge of the lake during the most recent sighting.[03:37.66]It jumped out of the water like a seal --[03:40.61]about 200 people on Changbais western peak saw it, he said.