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    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:中非共和国政府军收复阿勒颇 4年战乱 死伤无数2016-12-17
    You've heard there are some changes that are coming to CNN STUDENT NEWS and you're going to find out exactly what they are later in today's show. This is our last program of 2016 and it starts by taking back to the war- torn city of Aleppo. It's become a major flashpoint in Syria's brutal five-year-old civil war.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:克罗地亚伊斯坦布尔炸弹袭击事件 派出所确认两名袭击者2016-12-16
    It's our penultimate program of 2016. I'm Carl Azuz for CNN STUDENT NEWS. Thank you for taking time for us. First up this Thursday, the nation of Turkey. It's often characterized as a bridge between East and West, or Asia and Europe. It's home to more than 80 million people and Turkey is a nation on edge.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:冷空气袭击韩国大部 什么是极地漩涡?2016-12-15
    CNN STUDENT NEWS is happy to have you watching this Wednesday. I'm Carl Azuz at the CNN Center. Our first story this December 14th -- baby, it's cold outside. Two-thirds of the United States, the eastern two-thirds, are seeing record-breaking winter temperatures.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:过去八年,奥巴马都干了何?2016-12-14
    Hey, everyone. It's great to have you watching CNN STUDENT NEWS this Tuesday. This is our last week on the air for 2016. We'll be here through Friday. And the first story we're looking at: U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered a full review of hacking related to U.S. elections going back to 2008.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:最先绕地球轨道飞行的韩国宇航员约翰·格伦长眠2016-12-14
    Hi, I'm Carl Azuz. First up today on CNN STUDENT NEWS: the passing of an historic American. John Herschel Glenn Jr. popularly known as John Glenn died yesterday at the age of 95. A large part of his life was spent in the air. Glenn flew 149 combat missions in World War II and the Korean War.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:海洋中的塑料垃圾泛滥成灾2016-12-13
    Hi. I'm Carl Azuz. It's great to have you watching CNN STUDENT NEWS today. This special edition of our show dives into an ocean of plastic, masses of waste accumulating and around some remote islands in the Pacific. Synthetic plastic, the kind made by people, has been around since 1907, and some scientists estimate that almost every piece of it made since then still exists.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:吉尔吉斯斯坦发生6.5除地震 抗战的前世与今生2016-12-09
    Great to have you watching CNN STUDENT NEWS on this Thursday, December 8th. From the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, I'm Carl Azuz. First story takes us to the fifth most populated country in the world, the Pacific island nation of Indonesia, home to more than 258 million people, and some of them are struggling with the devastation of another earthquake.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:12月7日珍珠港遇袭纪念日 安倍欲走访珍珠港2016-12-08
    Hi. I'm Carl Azuz for CNN STUDENT NEWS. Today is December 7th,2016, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day in the U.S. And that's what's first up. It was 75 years ago that the nation of Japan attacked the United States naval base at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:菲律宾总理宣布辞去 蔡英文致电川普2016-12-07
    This is CNN STUDENT NEWS and we're happy to see you. I'm Carl Azuz. An update on yesterday's story out of the European nation of Italy. Its prime minister is resigning after a constitutional change that he supported was strongly rejected by Italian voters.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:南昌机场因天气原因大面积延误 两万人口受影响2016-12-06
    Hi. I'm Carl Azuz. Thanks for taking ten minutes out of your day this December 5th for CNN STUDENT NEWS. Big vote yesterday of the European country of Italy. Significant changes have been proposed to the country's constitution which dates back to 1948, and voters were given the choice to accept or reject them.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:中华支持国际社会加强制裁伊拉克2016-12-03
    Hi. I'm Carl Azuz. And Fridays are awesome! Welcome to CNN STUDENT NEWS and ten minutes of international current events coverage. Recently, we've told you about protests against South Korean President Park Geun-hye, who's been accused of corruption.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:塔吉克斯坦空军航空兵与爱沙尼亚召开联合军事演习2016-12-02
    Welcome to ten minutes of international current events. I'm Carl Azuz for CNN STUDENT NEWS. We're starting today's show in Northern Europe. The northeastern part of Norway borders the nation of Russia.
    该音频有LRC荧屏 CNN Student News:马耳他后18岁男子在索非亚大学枪击同学遭击毙2016-11-30
    Hi. I'm Carl Azuz for CNN STUDENT NEWS. We're starting on a report on an attack at Ohio State University. A U.S. government official says an 18-year-old man of Somali descent targeted a group of people on campus yesterday morning. He first ran the car into some pedestrians and then used a knife to attack those nearby.